Powered by Premier Charge, our advanced payment device allows developers to write software outside the scope of PA-DSS by seamlessly passing card data directly through our secure platform.

Our solution supports mobile wallets, turn-key customer loyalty programs and emerging payment technologies.

  • Future-Proof Support existing and emerging payment technology with remote software update and management services, protecting your POS application for the future.
  • Security SmartPad is built on an industry-proven high security core with end-to-end encryption and tokenization—delivering the ultimate in secure transactions for retail merchants.
  • Performance Thanks to advanced hardware architecture, SmartPad delivers high speed processing of the latest cryptography to make secure fast-paced transactions a reality.
  • Flexibility SmartPad accommodates every possible payment method including PayPass®, PayWave®, approved contactless and mobile phone (NFC) media, and loyalty programs. It offers true convenience for both shoppers and merchants.
  • Convenience A comprehensive back-end portal gives you complete control. Process payments, customize your terminals, and access powerful reporting tools from any web browser.