We offer an automated gift card and loyalty card solution for both single and multi-store merchants. Our program provides your business with a built in marketing strategy while offering customers rewards for shopping and loyalty.

Gift cards are prepaid purchases that bring customers right to your door. It’s proven that customers spend more than the dollar amount that is on their gift card.

  • Increase Your Sales
    Card-based purchases traditionally generate higher ticket sales than cash. Electronic gift cards are no exception, increasing the average ticket size thus generating increased revenues. Consumers typically try to spend the entire balance on the gift card, which more times than not results in over spending.
  • Marketing and Promotions
    Gift cards are a valuable promotional tool for all merchants, both large and small. Gift cards provide retailers, restaurateurs and other merchants with the opportunity to build name recognition and improve customer loyalty. When your business takes advantage of customized gift cards, consumers will actually be advertising for you every time the gift card is taken out of their wallets.
  • Reward Loyal Customers
    Gift and loyalty cards assure that customers will return. Your business is accepting payment for a purchase to be made in the future ensuring that a repeat visit will be made.
  • Easy In-Store Returns and Elimination of Cash Back
    In addition to marketing this program as a gift certificate, you can now improve on how merchandise returns are managed. With gift cards, a consumer may return an item and instead of receiving cash back, the refund amount can easily be given back in the form of a gift card.

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